Saturday, January 29, 2011

More than just Puzzles

For the last few months we have been thinking about making other things to sell at our Entwoodcrafts online store and at craft events. We don’t mean other puzzles either! Or at least not the same “free standing  puzzles” that we currently offer. Tons of ideas have been tossed around. Everything from wooden coasters and jewelry to outdoor furniture and fine wooden art. We’ve made a little bit of this and that just to get a feel of the process.

After all of the brain storming, thinking, researching, investing in supplies, the answer came to us. We were checking out the stats of our store on google analytics (if you have a online store and don’t have an analytics account your really missing out!). The number one search that was used in goggle to find us was wooden bookmarks. Doesn't really make sense but we took it as a sign. Wooden bookmarks is where we are heading next.

We have a small batch made out of some thin mahogany. The wood is beautiful and perfect for bookmarks! We have a few simple designs and just finished them today. They are still a little smelly from the lacquer we used to finish them with but they look fantastic. Once the smell dies down in a few days we will have them up and ready in our etsy store.

That’s not the only new items that we will be making. We have plans for letter openers, wall hanging fretwork, intarsia artwork, key chains, magnets, jewelry, and much more. The great part about these new items is they are customizable! People with be able to add names, symbols, and a bunch of other things to create a perfect unique item. Below are a  few pictures of a free form charm or pendent made from African wenge (the black wood) and yellowheart wood. We are still figuring out the best methods and materials on making these items so it will be a little while before we start selling them.

We are definitely open to suggestions also. What would you like to see us make? A puzzle we don’t have or a new type of item all together? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. We just might make your idea into something real! 

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