Wednesday, January 26, 2011

D is for Dragons

26th January, 2011
D is for Dragons

The number one thing to never forget is that D is for Dragons. Small ones, big ones, striped, and purple dragons. None are exempt….maybe polka dot ones….but I’ll give them a chance. Why dragons?

Dragons are a childish fascination that will never die inside of me. They represent several things that I admire. Brute strength? Got to love it! Our Lythe Dragon has plenty of that. It’s made from wenge, an African wood that is almost pure black! The look of them is majestic, inspiring, and commands a sense of authority.  At least the full grown bad ass ones. Like everything there are always exceptions.

Take this Fat Bellied Dragon for example. Not very intimidating, the only thing it commands is food, and it inspires fatty cooking. But still, it’s a dragon and regardless of its personal habits, I still think it looks awesome. Not to mention that it’s made from an amazing wood called purpleheart.

 We can’t disregard those young energetic dragons either! They will one day grow up and eat entire cows all by themselves. It goes so fast! The Silly Dragon is a great example along with the Playful Dragon. Full of innocence and curiosity like all youngsters.We have lots of other dragons so check them out!

I was browsing around etsy to see what other creative dragons are out there and stumbled upon this Baby Dragon Figurine.  I’ve never seen anything like it and was quite impressed with the craftsmanship.

For the last dragon of this post it my little dragon….or dragon tamer. This is a picture from this last Halloween of my boy Tristan at the age of 7 months. My wife homemade a costume to resemble the boy Hiccup from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”.

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