Monday, January 24, 2011

First Steps

An amazing thing happened yesterday. Something that I watched with pride, happiness, and surprise. Our baby boy Tristan made his first steps! It was really something. He had an audience of several family members. I found it hard to believe, half expecting him to just fall over instead of taking step after step unaided.  Everyone was very proud of him!  It was such a special moment.  Tristan’s first steps inspired Hazel (my wife) and me to finally make our first post in our first blog.  

This blog is all about our business Entwood Crafts and how we run it. It’s not easy to run a home business with a little 10 month old boy just starting to walk. His favorite toys are….well…..not toys at all.  To kick off this blog, I want to share one of my favorite puzzles we have made to date. The Rising Phoenix.  We have made this puzzle twice before but this version is by far the best!

We listed this magical bird yesterday (the same day Tristan started walking) on our etsy store. It is the only puzzle we have on etsy that is made from two different kinds of wood. The flames are bloodwood and the bird is maple. Using two different woods creates a whole mess of difficulties and takes a very long time to finish but we are both very happy with the end result!

Time to see if Tristan will walk to me!  


  1. Good luck with the new blog, it looks great! And what a sweet little boy you have :)

  2. What a great way to start your blog. Love the personal stories, puts a totally different perspective on who you are!