Tuesday, April 12, 2011

List of woods

Unfortunately due to weather and lack of free time, we haven’t been able to take photos of our newest work. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow though. So I’ll keep this post short and sweet. The other day I was trying to figure out exactly how many different kinds of wood we have while driving in the car. We are adding more and more each month and its starting to get a little difficult to remember them all.

Some of the wood we only have very small pieces used just for intarsia. Some, we have large sized boards. We keep even the smallest pieces of wood because we know that it will be used for something. It’s our way of turning trash (cause who else would want a ¼” odd shaped cube) into treasure.

Here is a list of all 34 types of woods we have…hopefully I’m not missing any.

american holly                  angelique                           australian cypress
bamboo                           black walnut                      bloodwood
bocote                             bubinga                             chakte kok
chakte viga                       cherry                               cocobolo
garapa                              heart pine                          hickory
ipe                                    jatoba                               kumaru
leopard wood                   locust                                lovoa
mahogany                         maple                                marblewood
oak                                   paduak                             pecan
poplar                               purpleheart                        red cedar
sapele                               teak                                   wenge

To end, here is a picture of our largest intarsia piece we have made so far. A three mast sailing ship made from sapele, mahogany, American holly, and oak. You can find it now at the Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts Gallery.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Down Time is Up

All right! After a little bit of down time with our online store, we are back up and running. I reopened the store a few weeks back after some major “digital” spring cleaning. I revamped everything from policies, handling and care, and store info, to item descriptions, sections, and key words. Hopefully the work will show some results….it was much needed.

During our 3 week down time, a lot has happened with Entwood Crafts. We joined our first artist co-op and we now have our items for sale in Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts. It is an amazing gallery full of fantastic work. The co-op consists of 20 very gifted artists. My wife and I are both very glad that we were accepted into the gallery and I’m sure many great things will come of it. Check out their blog as well!

We have also expanded our wood inventory. We have a few bamboo boards, a few small pieces of bubinga, and some teak boards. All 3 woods are new to us and add to our ever increasing variety of wood. We now have over 30 different kinds of wood to make some sawdust with.

A few of the teak boards however are something extra special. We had the fortune of getting some of the original decking material from the USS North Carolina. For those of you not from NC, this is a very popular landmark and tourist attraction. The battleship is anchored in Wilmington, NC and is available for anyone to board it and get a tour of it and its history. A remolding of the decking was performed a few years ago. So the few pieces of battleship teak we have is very limited. The original decking is the same from its maiden voyage during world war II.

Aside from that we have been busy preparing for a large spring craft event in Southport, NC. Its being held on April 22 and 23rd. Stop by if your local….or even if your not!