Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Website!

Winter's Dream Intarsia
With a new year comes new ideas, projects, woods, and the one thing I’m most excited about, a new website. You can visit the site at . Just as a side note. We will be keeping our shop at open for the next few months during the transition to the new site.

Why the change you ask? We did this for a number of reasons. Without boring you in all the technical mumbo jumbo, we wanted to be able to customize the online experience for customers. This leads me to announce a new feature that comes with Entwood Craft’s new website. You can now directly select the wood you would like your items made from. This only applies to custom made to order items of course. It gives people a satisfying, interactive role to play in the creation of their unique item.

Dragon Hatcling Puzzle

Currently, the site is setup to allow “made to order” items to be purchased. We have 32 puzzle designs and 10 woods to select from. We are regularly updating the site with announcements, products, wood selection, and other information. Once we have the “made to order” section fully integrated, we will launch our in-stock section.

We would love to hear any comments, suggestions, or other feedback regarding the new site to make improvements.