Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wood of the Week: Bocote

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for me. Aside from running Entwood crafts, I also am a freelance landscaper. I’m also that guy that people call if they need a hand with just about anything….moving boxes or furniture, painting, and loads of other things. Yesterday I did everything!

I helped an older woman move a sizeable amount of furniture out from a storage shed. I landscaped briefly in downtown Southport, NC. One thing that got me excited is I sold a bunch of banana trees that I saved from a previous client who didn’t want them. I’ve never sold plants to customers before. It was exciting! I may have sold every single one!

I topped off the day working on some puzzles. I got to do something that love doing and that’s using a new kind of wood. Since I have so many different kinds I thought it would be interesting to talk about 1 kind each week so today I’ll be starting the first Wood of the Week post. This week’s wood of choice, the one that I first used yesterday, is Bocote.

Ever since I started making puzzles I’ve wanted to use Bocote. Not many people have even heard of this wood. I didn’t know about it until I started to get involved with lots of exotic woods. Bocote has light and dark stripes in a zebra-like pattern. The grain is often times very figured and really looks stunning. It grows in Central and South America. The wood is very expensive to buy and is the number one determent at least for me. Even scrap pieces of wood are sold at high prices.

Luck have it, I found not 1 but 2 boards recently that the owners (I got them from two different people) offered to me for a great price. I was very excited and said yes immediately. The puzzle I cut out is of a turtle. I think it came out great. Now all I need to do is sand and oil it and our first bocote puzzle will be finished. Keep a look out in our Entwood Crafts store. We will be listing it soon!

I thought I’d share some other great pieces of work made from the Wood of the Week.I found this interesting bullet pen

. A bocote Guitar Pick! Never seen one of those made from bocote. The engraving is well done to!

 To finish up with one last great bocote item is a beautiful power button neckless.

Hope this post gave a little insight the wood we use! 

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