Friday, February 11, 2011

Work Dreams?

A few nights ago I had a work dream. What’s a work dream you ask? It’s the name I’ve given to dreams that is directly related to your line of work or expertise. For example, I still remember my first work dream. I was working for a large landscaping company on Mount Desert Island in Maine. I walked into the greenhouse and someone forgot to water the plants. Everything was wilted and dead. I woke up in a panic sweating and breathing fast. I guess that’s a work nightmare but close enough to get my point across.

On to the work dream! My line of work has changed from plants to puzzles so my work dreams have changed too. This dream gave me an incredible idea. A completely different kind of puzzle than what we currently make. I was making an apple puzzle very similar to the one we currently make and have in our store. But it was different because it had two layers. The puzzle was cut into random pieces and glued together to form a two layered puzzle. Not every piece was two layers thick. Just a couple. This would increase the difficultly drastically and be perfect for avid puzzlers.

Once I woke up I ran a thousand different ideas through my head. What about more than 2 layers? Add a 3rd and a 4th…..heck….make 3D-wooden layered puzzles that take on the shapes of objects! I know these are manufactured by some companies but I’ve never seen one hand made from wood the way I’m imagining it. The idea is very exciting to me. The design work would be very intense but it’s something that could be seen in our store in a month or so.

Item of the day! Check out this Great Winged Dragon Puzzle made from Jatoba.

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