Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wholesale or not to Wholesale?

Now that I’ve had a decent night of sleep, no baby deciding 1AM is 1PM, I have the time to sit down and make a long overdue blog post. I thought I would talk about some of the recent happenings with Entwood Crafts. If you read the title then you probably know this post has something to do with wholesale products.
I’ll be writing an ongoing update on our wholesale activities, mostly for other business/sellers to just get a feel if it’s something for them. We have never done a wholesale arrangement  before so this will be a learning experience for us.

As most artists and craftsman know, making a living solely from your work can be very challenging. Especially when you start out. The work load seems never ending, the list of things to do grows much faster than you can cross things off, and your free time is no longer free. Thankfully, that’s only in the beginning. It gets easier as time goes on but there is always work to be done!

We have always avoided wholesale and consignment agreements in the past. Something about only making half of what an item is worth is a turn off. I think I can hear a couple thousand people  or so agreeing with me lol. The plus side of a wholesale deal is a guaranteed sale. You drop off your work they hand over some green. The end.

I would like to think of this as a type of advertising. The items we sell are discounted and they promote those items and our store. It gets the word out locally that we are HERE and will hopefully bring us some sales. We also have the fortune and curse of living in a popular vacation area so lots of tourists will be visiting the area.
In about 1 and a half weeks time we will finalize the arrangement, and exchange goods. I’ll be sure to write how things work out and what we learn in the process. Hopefully the information will be helpful to some.

I’ll end this post with our item of the day! Take a look at this amazing giraffe puzzle made from bocote wood!

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