Saturday, February 5, 2011

Never Too Old for Harry Potter

It is true! You are never too old to enjoy Harry Potter.  Even at the age of 24, I am eagerly awaiting the last chapter to the Harry Potter saga. I know I’m not alone as many other adults share this abnormal addiction to J. K. Rowling’s magical world.

I have read all the books (I much much prefer the books) and even went to 2 midnight releases for the last two novels. Pathetic? I think not! It was very humorous at the last midnight release. Kids looking over their shoulders for dementors, arguing about Dumbledore and Professor Snipe, and I joined in joyfully in their heated debates!

I greatly enjoy seeing the traditional, and not so traditional, magical creatures of the Harry Potter world.  One creature that really sticks out is Buckbeak, Hagrid’s winged pet. Buckbeak is a Hippogiff and we have a hippogriff puzzle in our store. It’s made from lovoa, a really beautiful brown wood from Africa.  

We have a bunch of mythical creatures in our store that makes an appearance in Harry Potter. My second favorite mythical animal is one of Dumbledore’s pets, the Phoenix. I mentioned our phoenix puzzle in the first post of this blog.

Remember that creepy part in the first book with “he-who-must-not-be-named” and unicorns? Gives me the shivers. But we have some very nice unicorns made from a few different woods. A Lazy Unicorn and a Walking Unicorn.

If I’m not mistaken there a few rather mean mermaids in one of the books. I think it was Goblet of Fire but don’t quote me on that! Well, we have mermaids too! Just a little more friendly than those in Harry Potter.
There are dragons also but we just made a post on them. To check out some of our dragons take a look at this post of view all of our dragons in our store.

Here are a few great Harry Potter items that I found searching around etsy.

A very well done crocheted doll of Albus Dumbledore made by Linsthings

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